Friday, September 7, 2012

A little update!

Hi guys!!

What a wonderful Summer the boys and I have had. Things are starting to get back to normal. Big C is back to school where he entered 2nd grade. Wow, when did he get so big. He's enjoying school and making new friends. He started playing baseball on a local league. That has taken up a lot of our free time but, he seems to really enjoy it! Little C is his normal funny self. He's enjoying some classes at the local YMCA. He's taking a gymnastics class and, a swimming class and so far so good!

I've gotten more time on the weekends to get my long runs back in. I am still suffering with my Plantar Fasciitis but am managing to train for my 2nd half marathon TOMORROW!! One of my friends/running partners is running it with me. It will be her 1st half marathon. I look forward to seeing/helping her accomplish such a great goal of hers!!

Look for some updates next week on our Park Quest Adventures, my half marathon and, some other activities the boys have and are getting into!!
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