Sunday, September 30, 2012

How does one train for a Zombie Run?!?

Once I finally decided to run this Zombie Mud Run, I thought to I ready? How would I train for a Zombie Run? After asking on Twitter I got some interesting tweets. Some were super helpfully telling me I need to practice walking in water, practice landing my jumps, walking up ropes, working on my upper body strength. Others were more humorous in their comments telling me to run in groups and not be the slowest, and, forget practicing and buy a machete.

I already go to the gym 5 days a week. I think I'm pretty up on my fitness. I'm not the strongest but, I think I'll be able to manage. As far as my endurance...well, I did just run a half a couple weeks ago. I think I'm good on that too. 

Along my journey of finding the best way to train, I found some amazing tools that one might find useful. 

* 1st is my ultimate favorite. I loved the idea and the reviews so much I purchased it for myself. Look for a review soon. It's a fitness/game app available on both Iphone and Android markets called Zombies, Run! If you have the Nike + app it's similar to that. It's a voice over program that makes it feel like you're in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. You pick up supplies and weapons along the way but when you hear the Zombies are near you have to sprint to get away. Make sure you don't lose you supplies or get caught and turn into a Zombie. For those who lose interest in running this is a fun way to keep you running. You want to get out there a continue the game. Each run gets your closer to the final. The price for the app is a little pricey. ($7.99) However, I think it's a great price if it gets you running more. I am always running with the same music by mile 4 I'm bored, and don't want to run anymore. Which is why I like to run in groups. I am hoping this will help motivate me to run more solo runs!

* Another find was Zombie Fit! Zombie Fit is a website that lists WODs (Work out of the day's) that get you in tip top Zombie apocalypse shape! They also dabble in a bit of Parkour. For those who don't know what that is, it's a form of getting over obstacles. Running, jumping, climbing, vaulting etc. Zombie Fit even has classes. Unfortunately, non are around me! They sound fun. I think I'd try it out!

Even if you aren't able to do any of these or aren't even in the best shape, I think you'll be fine at this event. It should be lots of fun. I will be doing it for the experience and fun not for time!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Mud Dog Run: Zombie Edition

If you haven't read my previous post, I'm running a 5k Mud Run with 16 different obstacles. Think that sounds tough? (I do) Add in some Zombies grabbing at flags attached to you. Yep, that's right...Zombies!!!
If you survive with all flags you will be put on the "survivors list", but fail to keep your flags you become infected and join the Zombies!

If that doesn't sound fun then I KNOW you'll love the "End of the World" party. Food, Flying Dog Beer, and over 8 hrs of music from bands/DJ's. Sounds amazing, right? Still not impressed? How about some awesome goodies? Mud Dog Run will be giving you as package built in to the price of the tickets that will include:

Mud Dog Run gifts (Including a T-Shirt)
$5 in Mud Dog Bucks to use on food

Since I know you are super exited along with me, I am providing my blog friends some coupon codes!

First step, Go here! Then decide if you want to be a runner, zombie or a spectator. Once you have decided register for the correct registrant. When asked for the coupon code type in hamilton. This code will give you a discount of $17.00 to be a runner! If you are interested in being a zombie or a spectator type in ZOMBIE5

If you are attending the event let me know so we can meet up for some pictures!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have you run from Zombies?

Image provided from Mud Dog Facebook
I have this picture in my mind of how I would be during a Zombie apocalypse. I'm bad ass and, tough like in the movies. However, to be honest with my readers I know I'd be running away like a complete wuss. For those who don't know me very well, you should know I hate scary movies and, being in scary situations. Haunted houses are not on my to do list during Halloween.

For some reason the human population is completely infatuated with all things Zombie right now. In the running community, Zombie runs are all the rage. During these runs people are dressed as Zombies and try and capture your flags as you run. People who have made it to the finish with their flags still intact have survived. The ones who haven't...well, they're now Zombies.

Another popular run right now is a mud run. These events consist of running along an obstacle course with mud. You have tons of different obstacles to overcome. Climbing, crawling, sliding, and jumping around the course. They all usually end with some kind of "party" where the runners and spectators come together and drink fantastic beer, listen to music and veg out on turkey legs! 

Image property of Mud Dog Run

I have been really wanting to partake in one of the mud runs. My hometown has been hosting them for a couple times now and, it really looks fun! I finally decided I'd run the next one!!

But, wait!!! The next one I saw in my hometown was a race that combined these two!!! A ZOMBIE MUD RUN!!! Are you serious? Part of me was super stoked, the other...super scared!
I'm going to do it!!! I know I will scream like a little girl and maybe even cry out of fear but, what the hell!

Who's with me???

Check out below!! Also, come back tomorrow and see me for a special coupon code to participate as a runner or zombie!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Running Tips

(Photo Source)

Who doesn't love fall? I know I do!!

I love everything about fall...the weather, the colors, the sports and, especially all the fun fall activities. With the fall weather, I find that I enjoy running outside so much more. I wanted to share with beginner runners some tips to follow while running during the fall months.

1. Dress the part: As the temperature drops you need to start adding layers of clothing on. Not too many as you will most likely be way to hot, as your body temperature rises as you run. I would add a light layer underneath a tee or over top. Something you can remove easily if need be. I list my fall favorites here.

2. Check the weather: This goes in hand with the above tips. During the fall months the weather can be very sporadic. One day it can be beautiful, the next it can be cold and snowing outside. You don't want to get stuck out on a long run in a tee shirt and it starts snowing. Brrr!

3.Watch your step: Wet leaves can be very hazardous. You don't want to slip and fall and cause injury. Leaves can also be covering a hole or ditch in the ground. Make sure you are watching where you are running.

4. Take a camera: The landscaping is so beautiful during the fall. If you don't mind lugging a camera around or your cellphone do so!! You'll enjoy all those pictures later!

5. Protect your Skin: Just because the Summer heat is gone doesn't mean you can't get sunburned. I remember last year during one of my races in the fall, I got a very bad sunburn on my face. I never even thought about it in the fall. It is still possible to happen. 

6. Sign up for a race: The fall months are GREAT for training time. You can get in more time with the cooler temps. Maybe sign up for that Half Marathon you've been wanting to do. Or go all out and sign up for a Full!!

7. Stay hydrated: It seems like when it's hot and humid out we are more prone to drinking water and staying hydrated. Then when the color temps come we forget about how important it is. It is still very important to stay hydrated even in the cooler temps. I am one who gets dehydrated fast so I carry a hydration belt. It is a belt worn around the waste that carries bottles full of water. The one I use specifically is a Fuel Belt.
However, there are other options out there from backpacks to handhelds. Also, make sure you are getting enough water days before leading up to a big event. Not just during.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Running Favorites

My very favorite time to run, is in the fall. I love the crisp cool air, the color's of the trees, and that there are a ton of race events planned.

The transition from Summer, hot sweaty running to the fall is an easy one. If the temperature range is about 50 I usually opt for just a dri fit tee and capri's. 30-50 range I throw on a moisture wicking long sleeve shirt under my tee. I really like the ones with thumb holes in the sleeves. For some reason, I end up always picking those up. (Lululemon has a bunch of these types.) I like to layer so that if it does heat up a bit I can throw off a layer. Sometimes those chilly morning runs I need to start out with a pair of light running gloves. I seem to be the coldest in my hands but, they're also the first to warm up. For my feet in the fall I really like a wool running sock. It keeps the moisture away as well as keeps them toasty.

Of course we can't forget the Garmin. Mine is the 405. I love it and have had no problems with it since I received it a year ago. I wear it almost every time I run!

The picture on the left is from the Baltimore Zoo Zoom 5 miler last November. It was a pretty chilly morning so, instead of capri's I opted for long pants. The best advice is to always go one layer less than what your are comfortable with when you 1st step outside. If you feel warm and toasty you will probably be too hot once you start running and sweating.

My favorite products included in this picture: Moisture wicking long sleeve tee from Target, knee length capri's from Target,  Dri-fit tee from Nike,  Light weight Running Gloves from Under Armour,  Wool Socks from Thorlo, Garmin 405. Of course all of these can be found in different styles and brands. These are just a few that I currently use and love!

Check out my Fall running tips!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

DC Color Run 5k Recap

Color Run: The happiest 5k on the planet!! Yep, I'd have to agree!!

Since the last big National Harbor racing event in DC, The Hot Chocolate 5k/15k was a complete disaster, (Read about it here) my group and I decided to leave early as to not run into traffic again. To our surprise and delight we ran into absolutely NO traffic. We even managed to find a parking spot on the lower level of a parking garage very close to the start!

We went to registration where we were one of the 1st to register. We got our goodies which consisted of a Color Run tee, a Color Run sweat band, a Color Run tattoo and, a Red Bull! They also had a small merchandise table set up where some of my friends purchased way cool Color Run knee socks! I opted to purchase a pair of pink and black sunglasses. The prices were pretty reasonable.  
Since we had arrived early than expected, we had plenty of time to walk around. We checked out the harbor scenery and grabbed a warm drink at a local coffee shop. It was a brisk cool morning, and the hot chocolate I had was not only delicious but also hit the spot and warmed me right up. We then went back to our cars to drop off our stuff and then met up with the rest of our Run, Mama, Run! group to take a before picture!

After our picture we all lined up in the sea of white outfits. There was hundreds of people lined up. We ended up in Wave 3. The DJ was spectacular and really pumped us up for the run. As my group and I danced, took pictures and, videos, we watched the 1st wave start the run. About 10 min. later the 2nd wave went off. It was now our turn at the starting line. The DJ continued to pump us up and, throwing free merchandise out to the runners! He called the start for our wave and we went off.

I was still extremely sore from my half marathon the day before, so I started my run out slow. My group was super sweet and decided to run slow with me. Unfortunately, I was more sore than I thought and had to slow down even more. I had never ran at or had been to the National Harbor before, so I had no clue what type of terrain it would be. The terrain ended up being gravel which was horrible on my sore foot and calves. One of my friends in the my group slowed down with me and we went on our way. The race claims you will get a burst of color at every kilometer. I would say the 1st color was indeed about a kilometer. Truthfully, running through my 1st bit of color was nothing like what I expected. I am not really sure what I expected. The color is a cornstarch and food coloring mix. It didn't really stay on your clothes, as we ran more and more it just kind of fell off. However, it was so much fun running through each color. The volunteers and music at each color station was so exciting it pumped me up each time!! We ran through a Red color station, then an Orange, then a yellow. I was super excited for the next color BLUE!! The color was so vibrant and pretty!! I MIGHT have even rolled on the ground to get more color. 

After running through the blue I got somewhat disappointed. I could see the finish yet, I hadn't seen green or purple. I wasn't entirely sure we were even supposed to see these colors but, for some reason I expected them. It also seemed extremely short of a 5k. I did not wear my watch so didn't get an official length of the course. I did end up texting our friends that ran ahead to wait for us so we could finish together. They did, it was pretty easy to spot them too. I was happy to see the spectators weren't overwhelming at the finish.

After finishing we went to meet up with the rest of our group to take after photos! What a blast of a race!! We couldn't resist jumping into the after party group where they were throwing more color into the air. The DJ was playing more music and throwing more merchandise out. It was intense! I felt like I was at a concert except we would get a blast of color dust every couple minutes. The huge color burst were intense, a couple times it ended up in my mouth. I wouldn't suggest bringing children in to the after party unless they have eye protection as well as a mask/handkerchief to cover their noses and mouth. I was happy to see they did hand out handkerchiefs to the runners in case they did need them.

Overall a fantastically ran event. I didn't see any hiccups at all! I was impressed with the DJ as well as the volunteers. I was impressed with the photographs they took. After all was said and done, I wasn't even disappointed about the lack of color or distance.

Now for the worst part of the race, the cleanup! We didn't want any color in our friends car so we stripped out of our colored clothes and changed into our clean clothes. We used baby wipes to clean up in the parking garage. It was a mess. There was color everywhere under my clothes where it soaked through. My hair was covered. It wasn't really a gross feeling but, unclean for sure. We still walked to get lunch even though we weren't clean all the way. We figured there were more like us out there anyway. When I got home and finally showered it still didn't all come off. I had to scrub super hard to get it all off. The clothes I wore mostly came clean with a regular wash and some borax. However my shirt was ruined with color and never came out. I suggest wearing clothes you don't mind ruining. They say you can preserve the color, however all my colors were mixed and it wasn't really a color I wanted to preserve.

Would I do this again? Heck Yeah!! I also think Big C would have a blast so maybe next time I'll bring him along!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Run 4 Shelter Half-Marathon Recap

My friends and I drove to Chester, MD to participate in the Run 4 Shelter Half-Marathon this past weekend. After signing up for the race online I received immediate welcoming and support from one of the race directors on my Facebook. He helped answer questions about the race course, and helped me set up a team for the event. He even offered us a discount code!

The trip to Chester, MD was only a little over an hour and, we hit no traffic. It was a beautiful morning with a nice breeze in the air. We went to the registration table at about 6:30 and picked up our packet. I had no problems with my packet. One of the ladies I was with received the wrong size tech tee, however they switched it out for her with the right size. I thought that was super nice as, most events will not do that.

We got geared up and, took our trip to the port-a-potties. There was quiet a lot of bathrooms lined up at registration. The lines weren't bad and there was two hand washing stations. So far everything was wonderful. The event coordinator got on the microphone and announced the start was almost near. She rolled off the sponsor information and some details of their organization. I was happy and surprised to hear that this specific event brings them almost half of their goal funding for the Shelter. She then asked the pastor to come over and say a prayer for us to have a safe and fun run. The national anthem was played and we were asked to take our places at the start. My friend and I took our places among what seemed like 100-200 people. Right at 7:30 the race started. At this time the weather had warmed up a touch and the humidity had started to rise. My friend and I went off on our way.

My 1st couple miles were pretty great. I felt I was at a pretty good pace too. I always seem to hate the 1st 3 miles of any long race and this one wasn't much different. I huffed and puffed until I got into my rhythm. The course was beautiful with overlooks onto the bay. We ran through some parts of a wooded trail and, even a community park, and what seemed to look like a high-school football field. 

As the race went on some not so fun things started to happen. The heat started to get hotter. The breeze only happened every 20 mins or so. I was always happy to see the water stops. Which by the way had very nice volunteers and never ran out of water/Gatorade or Gu's.  We ended up going off of  the paved trail onto a gravel and seashell trail around mile 7. This my ankles and Plantar Faciiatis were hating me for.  It seemed like we were on this for several miles. Then, when I thought it couldn't get did. I had to run across unpacked sand. My feet were digging into the sand with it all kicking back up at me into my shoes. I thought about stopping to dump my shoes but at this time every second counted if I wanted to make my goal.
I finally got back onto the blacktop trail at around mile 9. Here is where I started to hit a small wall. I started to cramp up in my left foot and calf area. I drank some more water and ran/walked along. At about mile 10 the volunteers were so supportive. They kept me going with their comments! Another runner kept me going as well. Then the worst part of the run for me was mile 11 and 12. I wanted to stop and lay down. I was overly hot...the sun was beating down on me at this point. I think I passed a photographer and looked at her like really?!?! right now you want to take my picture. HA! I can't wait to see that one! Even though I felt like passing out I could still see my friend right in front of me. I really wanted to catch up with her to finish with her since it was her 1st. Unfortunately, I did not catch up. I finished right behind her 4 minutes slower. I was disappointed at first but, truthfully I felt this course was super hard. My body wasn't used to the terrain or the humidity. 

I was super excited about the medal we received at the finish. It is my favorite so far. After finishing and receiving our medals we got a bottle of water. I looked around and noticed everything was packed up. We finished way ahead of the course time limit yet, no one was there cheering us in. I didn't even see a clock up to see my time. I was super disappointed. Then when I realized there wasn't anymore refreshments I was annoyed. I just ran 13.1 miles I needed to refuel badly. What's worse I saw no medics at the finish. What if I had needed one. I mean I did  just run the longest I've ever ran in my life. Who knew what would have happened.

Overall, I really liked the race and it's cause. I was impressed with the wealth of information from their Facebook and race management. I wasn't impressed with the course terrain or that I only saw one bathroom on the course and, was very unimpressed with the lack of care/support for the "Slower" runners on the course. To make matters worse about that last complaint, I made sure to let the director know about the lack of care/support for the "slower runner's" on their Facebook, and they did not apologize or comment back with an excuse. It was ignored.

Will I run this race again? Maybe

One for the books!

What an AMAZING weekend full of running and, family fun!!

I did it!!! I finished my 2nd half marathon. (The Run 4 Shelter in Kent Islands) The course was beautiful but very challenging. I enjoyed celebrating my friends goal being met as she got her 1st medal!! Look for a recap of my run coming up!

After my half, I came home to attend Big C's very first baseball game. He is playing on a kid pitch team. He did awesome for his 1st time. He managed to hit a few balls, run/steal a few bases and even managed to get some runs! I was truly excited for him.

On Sunday, I participated in my 1st Color Run!! WOW! What a fun event. I think this run had to be my favorite of all run's. I attended with some wonderful friends and RMR ladies. We had such a great time. I was very sore from my half but it definitely did not hinder my ability to finish the run and have a great time. I will also be posting a recap of that event!

My foot was in a lot of pain after all the events this past weekend but, I iced it, took some Advil and, elevated it. It feels a lot better today. I really think it helped that I didn't plop down on the sofa all weekend and get my body all stiff. I even managed to get to the gym this morning and lift some light weights and a short elliptical walk. My muscles feel so much better after that work out!

Now, I am looking for another half to run. As well as, am looking for some more FUN RUNS!!  I am signed up for the 10k at the Marine Corps Marathon in October but, would like to add more to the list.

There are a couple 5ks I am looking into running. I just need to decide on which one!!

Any suggestions? Right now the list of interested events consists of :

Friday, September 7, 2012

A little update!

Hi guys!!

What a wonderful Summer the boys and I have had. Things are starting to get back to normal. Big C is back to school where he entered 2nd grade. Wow, when did he get so big. He's enjoying school and making new friends. He started playing baseball on a local league. That has taken up a lot of our free time but, he seems to really enjoy it! Little C is his normal funny self. He's enjoying some classes at the local YMCA. He's taking a gymnastics class and, a swimming class and so far so good!

I've gotten more time on the weekends to get my long runs back in. I am still suffering with my Plantar Fasciitis but am managing to train for my 2nd half marathon TOMORROW!! One of my friends/running partners is running it with me. It will be her 1st half marathon. I look forward to seeing/helping her accomplish such a great goal of hers!!

Look for some updates next week on our Park Quest Adventures, my half marathon and, some other activities the boys have and are getting into!!
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