Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm hooked...

On Body Pump that is!! Today was my first time trying a class out at my new gym. The class of choice was Body Pump. Holy crap!! This was such an awesome workout. I was in lots of pain but, not bad pain it was that I can feel it working pain. I'm instantly hooked.

So what is a Body Pump class? Here's what their website has to say.

"BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast! Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYPUMP™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography."

We did Body Pump 60 today. We did squats, cleans & presses, dips, triceps, biceps, lounges, shoulders, abs and, ending with a cool down of stretches. It was fantastic. The one thing I would suggest is if this is something you would like to do a couple times a week I would invest in some weight lifting gloves. The bar did hurt my hands a little. If anyone has any recommendations on weight lifting gloves let me know!

Here are a couple videos of what it was like. If you have the chance to try one of the Body Pump classes I would highly recommend it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today I went to my NEW gym to get a fitness evaluation. I sat down with the trainer and, went over what my goals were and struggles. First of all I want everyone to know on the questioner there was a question that asked me how motivated on a scale of 1-10 I was. Thanks to all my new friends I’ve made through the Sistahood I am happy to say I wrote down a 10. Better yet, after the trainer read my answers he asked me why I was so motivated. I told him I joined an online support and motivation group where moms get together through social media and motivate and inspire each other. I was so happy and excited to tell him my secret. He said WOW! I wish all moms had that to fall on. I told him I too felt the same way. I wish that I had found Mamavation sooner.

So we finished up the evaluation with a little cardio work on the treadmill, some kettle bell, balance testing, squats, lunges, pushup test and a couple flexibility test. I am happy to announce I did pretty good. My balance and strength were all in the average level. Something he felt I would benefit working on was my core strength and, my flexibility. I assured him I have always been horrible with flexibility. I remember in elementary and middle school doing the toe touch test and doing poorly. Lol. He than assured me this would change and, I had to have faith. I was overall very happy with my performance. I thought I was going to be intimidated and shy but, I overcame that and kept reminding myself why I was doing this.

I got a lot of support while I was at the gym. People I didn’t know stopped me asked if I was joining the training program and spoke very highly of the work the trainers did there. It seemed very friendly and homey feeling. I loved it!!

And, can you believe I’m saying this…I can’t wait to go back!!

Some notes from the Fitness Evaluation

Need to work on core strengthening.

Need to spend more time stretching after workout especially hamstrings & calves.

1 min assessment push ups: 22

Plank assessment 30 secs

I highly recommend everyone to get one of these assessments done if you are able to. It definitely showed me what I need to work on. I showed me that the goals I set are very reachable and not set out of reach to where I will be disappointed. So here is to reaching my goal of 145lbs!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sticky Notes and Scale Pics

Congrats to all the ladies who are applying to The Mamavation campaign #5. All the ladies got up on Camera tonight to tell everyone a little about themselves and to, tell everyone why they want to be the next Mamavation mom. Everyone did so well! I think all of us moms are here competing for the same reasons. We are all un-healthy and want to be role models for our children. We all want to show our families what its like to live a healthy lifestyle.

Leah said a couple fantastic things tonight. “Your weight is only temporary. It does NOT define who you are.” This is so very true!! I love this quote so much that tonight I wrote it up on a sticky and taped it to my bathroom mirror just to keep reminding myself. She also made it quiet clear she wants to see that you are already making a difference.

So today I finally signed up to a gym! I am very excited about this. I am especially excited to take the Body Pump class!! I meet with the trainer tomorrow so he can do their introductory speech with me and show me around. I’ll let everyone know how that goes.

Lastly but most importantly, I need to show everyone out there. How important winning Mamavation mom means to be. (As if my shy self getting on cam isn’t enough) lol. Also how much it means to me to be one of the top 2.

Here it is with out further Adieu!! The infamous toe pic and measurements!!

Oh, and this pic was so last moment so I promise next week the toe pic will be 100% better!!

This will be my official Mamavation starting weight: 193lbs.

My Measurements:
Right Leg: 25in
Left Leg: 26 in.
Right Arm: 12.5 in.
Left Arm: 12 in.
Waist: 36 in.
Hips: 44 in.
Bust: 40 in.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm going through Changes!!

No, I'm not going through changes like Ozzy!! These are good changes!! Although, it is a GREAT song :)

This Mamavation Monday post is a big one for me. I am in the process of trying to win a contest to become the next Mamavation Mom. This is so important to me to win. I want so badly to get my family living a healthy lifestyle. I have for about 5 years now longed to get back to being healthy. I have been busting my butt off sending emails and tweets to friends and family asking for help in supporting me.

 Well today while I was talking to my mom on the phone about the contest and, what I’ve accomplished so far something clicked. I AM in the process of getting my family back to living a healthy lifestyle. I AM in the process of getting my healthy self back. I have come so far already since joining Mamavation about a month ago. My family used to hardly ever eat fresh food. We used to eat microwaved food every night. If it was cooked fast we ate it. Now we eat fresh meals everyday. We eat lots of fruits and veggies. We always eat a healthy protein and, even have one day a week we don’t eat meat and get our protein from beans. We take a daily walk or go to the park to play. Even my oldest boy is asking for healthy snacks when he’s hungry!!

Then there is me. When I wake up in the morning I get my phone out and, check my calendar to see what is on my workout plan for the day. I crave that workout. I haven’t craved a run or a workout in 5 yrs. It is such a great feeling. I even have found a love for those horrible Kettlebells I hated at the beginning. They are making me hurt in places I’ve never hurt before. This past week I went out for lunch for the first time since joining Mamavation and, I think I did pretty darn good. I had a salad with half of a dry turkey burger. It was delicious and, I didn't feel bad asking for it to be cooked dry.

 Trust me I still really want to be the next Mamavation mom. However, I am looking at this a whole lot differently. I want to be the next Mamavation mom so I can step up my game a little more. I need that extra kick in the butt to remind me why I am doing this. I need a whole different level of accountability. Right now it is so easy for me to just slip back into my old self. If I don’t feel like planning my menu for the week what’s to say I wont slip and pop in that pizza cause it’s easy. If I am doing this much on my own just think of what I can do with the help of the Mamavation gurus out there.

What changes have I made and, need to make a habit:

1. No soda: I started this the day I joined Mamavation almost a month ago and, have had one soda!! I’m not missing it much. I am however a little bored of only water. I don’t drink coffee. So if you have any suggestions of something I can have occasionally that wont hurt my weightloss I’m all ears.

2. No alcohol: This one was almost easier than the no soda. I don’t go out often as much anymore so no need to really drink on my own.

3. Workout at least 30 minutes a day: This one is still a work in progress. I had a bout with shin splints and, now tight hamstrings so I’ve had an extra rest day now 2 weeks since I started.

4. Run 6 days a week: Even if I only run 1 mile. This will help me get to my 5k goal.

5. Don’t eat after 7pm.

6. Get to bed by 12pm.: I am such a night owl. This has been the hardest for me.

7. Eat 7 fruit and veggie servings a day.

I am going to continue to make these a priority and soon they all will become second nature.

Don’t forget to Tweet or Facebook vote for me please!!

Hey @bookieboo! I want @trulove821 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

Application are being accepted until June 30, 2010. 5 finalist then will appear July 5, 2010. Voting for top 2 Mamavation Moms will go until July 12, 2010. Winner’s will be announced July 12, 2010 5-7pm PST/ 8-10pm EST. Mamavation Campaign #5 runs July 12th-Aug 27th 2010.

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV.

SISTA OF THE WEEK: Congrats go to Jessica Bolin @all_about_savin for being the Sista of the Week! Yay Jess!! I’m so glad she got this. She is so deserving!! Keep on pushing girl your doing GREAT!!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by @LingerieDOTcom. LingerieDOTcom has so many things to choose from. They have bra’s, panties, robes and even some costumes. They do carry plus sizes as well. What will I be getting if I get this prize? Hmm…Some things should be left to the imagination right?

I do think this one is pretty classy! ; )

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vote for Shannon as the next Mamavation Mom!!

Well, today is the day that will hopefully change my life forever!!

If you follow me on Twitter you know what Mamavation is because I have been all about it for the last 3 weeks! Ive been eating, sleeping and, breathing Mamavation!! lol.

If not go and read my last post it is such a great outlet for mom's in need of a healthy lifestyle.

So, the meaning of this to me is, I am entering to become the next Mamavation mom!! Yep, you read that right little shy me got up on camera and Rambled chatted about why I want to be the next Mamavation mom and, why you should vote for me!
So here's the Video. Please scroll down and, follow the next steps to helping me become the next Mamavation mom!

Yay! You're still here!!
So the next step is to get on Twitter and, if you don't have one please sign up!!
Tweet the following message as many times as you possibly can..Yep, that simple!
Hey, @bookieboo! I want @Trulove821 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!
Tell everyone you know!! The Mamavation team will then pick 5 finalist. From there it will be narrowed down to two final mom's who will participate in the best but, hardest 7 weeks of their lives!
Thanks everyone!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Failure and Goals

After writing out my last post I realized it was the first time I had ever told someone a goal I wanted to accomplish. I have always felt uncomfortable speaking of goals I had set for myself for fear of not meeting my goals and failing. Since I have joined Mamavation a lot has changed. I’m not afraid to tell my fellow sista’s my goals. I know I wont fail. I know that they will not let me fail. I know there are a lot of other moms out there who do not have a support system at home like myself. If you are reading this and you are not a part of the sistahood, please consider joining. The support you receive is phenomenal.

I want everyone to see my goals I have set for myself so that you can help me reach them!!

Overall Goals

10%: 19.5lbs loss

Halfway: 25lbs loss

Pre-pregnancy weight: 150lbs

Ultimate Goal: 145lbs

2010 Fitness Goals
Run 5k under 35min

Run 5k under 30 min

Run 3 Races
So there you go, I can’t run away from it now. I can’t wait to come back here and cross these bad boys off the list!!

If you would like to check out Mamavation, Monday's are a great time for you to do so!

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV

SISTA OF THE WEEK: Yay! Congratulations go out to Rachel Lacy @Rachel_L for being the Sista of the Week!! Rachel was one of the biggest reason's I joined Mamavation. Seeing Rachel and Kim's  videos and hearing them speak about the support they had was so inspirational!

This week Mamavation Tv is being sponsored yet again by @subwayfreshbuzz You can never go wrong with Subway! My fav at the momment is their new Orchard Chicken salad sub!! Yummy! Also, this week Shay Sorrells a contestant from Biggest Loser will be on Mamavation TV!! Shay will let all us moms in on how she handles working out, eating right and, living a healthy life all while being a mom!!(Oh did I mention she's also participating in the NYC Marathon, Wow! )I can't wait!! Come join me!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What, you didn't know THAT?

I thought I'd take a little break from all the fitness & health post and bring you a little something fun!! Here you have it...Ten things you didn't know about ME!!

1. I eat things in 3's and by colors like 3 red gummi bears.

2. I don't like coconut, raw carrots or, coleslaw.

3. I used to be a Kindergarten Readiness Teacher before deciding to stay home after my second child. It was a lot of fun but, also very stressful.

4. I have never really taken up a hobby. Unless you count eating gummi bears or reading trashy gossip mags as one.
However, I do feel as though running is becoming one.

5. I am not a morning person but, am a night owl. I will stay up till 2am but, hate waking up before 9. My youngest son however, wakes me up daily at 7.

6. If you want to bore me to death you should talk about basketball. I do love me some hockey though!! Go Caps!!

7. I'd love to take cooking classes one day. I'm constantly visiting food blogs.

8. I want to participate in at least 3 races by the end of the year. Then next year attempt to do a 10k, 1/2 marathon and a marathon!

9. I don't like to wear socks if I don't have to, or shoes for that matter!

10. This post took me all day to write because the oldest has been complaining of his chicken pox itching and, the youngest is in a cranky mood!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Help A Sista Out!!

Sitting down to write this blog I wanted so badly to be like a lot of the ladies and, shout out a weight loss. However, I realized today I never weighed myself at the start of Mamavation. So I really don’t know how much weight I have lost or if any. I will weigh myself, take my measurements and get those up for everyone.

I don’t know if this happens to you ladies or not but sometimes I get on the scale it says one number I get off the scale thinking "Really, do I really weigh that?" I will move the scale back down to the floor, get back on and, it says another number. I don’t know, maybe its time for a new scale!! Maybe I will use my Wii scale it’s pretty accurate right?

I think that my diet was pretty consistent this week. Stayed away from the sugars and, junk food. Late night snacking is pretty much gone from my life as of lately. If I do decide I need one I’ve been reaching for a handful of almonds..Yumm! I’ve been following my menu I made for the week and it went very well. Being prepared really helps. This time around though I think I’m going to do them 2 weeks at a time and make the grocery list a head of time. I think it will help me with seeing what we have extra of and, what were missing. The hot temps around here have made it very simple for me to drink all my water. I am downing it bottle after bottle. Lol. Even my oldest has been asking for it more and more.

If you notice on the left hand side I have added my google calendar to my blog. This is to help hold myself to a planned workout. It also emails me a reminder. So, If your not busy during the day after of course you've gotten in your workout visit my blog, look at my training calendar and please HELP A SISTA OUT send me a nice little message on twitter saying “Shannon have you ran your 3 miles today?” Or, “Shannon get your butt in gear get on that Wii fit and tackle those 30 minutes.” This would help out lots!!
Oh and, follow my it..right know you want to!!

Wish I looked this good using the jogging Stroller!
We visited the park twice this week and took a walk as a family it was nice to chat and get some exercise in. I have a new found respect for all those jogging stroller mommas out there. Pushing 60lbs of children and, another 20 or so lbs of the stroller is a lot of work. I was hurting afterwards. If you read my previous post, you know my shins have been killing me. I’ve iced them like crazy and now am taking it slow cross training and walking. I’m going to attempt to run again this week starting a little slower to see how it goes.

Goals for this week:
Follow my training schedule
Continue to make better food choices
Attempt to run again
Buy a pedometer to track my steps
Buy a measuring tape to measure my inches
Find a fun run for Big C to enter

MAMAVATION TV: Join us Monday night at 7pm PST/10pm EST on Mingle Media TV.

SISTA OF THE WEEK: Congrats to CJ @CJinKY for being the Sista of the Week! Thanks for all the support CJ your such a sweet person!!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week's blogging carnival is sponsored by Flatout Bread. You NEED to check out their website if you haven’t already. It has so many great recipes and, their blog has some of the best fitness and safety tips out there!! At my house we LOVE the 5 Grain Flax Fold It’s for our Turkey Burgers!! Their only 100 cals and whopping 9g of PROTEIN!! I love my protein :) My favorite snack is to cut the Flatbread’s up and toast them a little in the oven to make them warm and crispy. I then dip them in my favorite hummus. Yumm!!
Flatout Bread is giving away 4 baskets with lots of goodies on Mamavation TV tonight! I hope I get a chance to win this basket and, try some of the products I haven’t tried yet!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Injured Runner

So yesterday was a scheduled 5k. It started out great, a little fast probably due to how great I felt. Then, sometime a little after mile one I started to feel some pain in my right shin area up to my knee. I continued to run it off. Half way through mile one the pain increased so I started to slow down. I really wanted to finish this 5k so I kept moving along. After all was said and done I was in a lot of pain. I got some water, an ice pack and, sat down. I started immediately icing my shin and knee.

Today I'm limping around complaining and, whining worse than Kate Gosselin.

Photo credit

I did a slow mile walk today at the park pushing the kids in the stroller and man did the hills hurt. I was really sore when I got home. I guess I'll be doing some cross-training next week.

Here's some charts for you. I'm going to try and post more of these weekly so you can see what I'm doing for my training. The 1st one is from last night you can definitely see where I was hurting. I used my Nike+ for that and, the second is from my slow walk today using the Run keeper app on my android phone. Which one do you prefer?

Anyone have any suggestions what I should do for my shin and knee?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Can you spot the runner?

Beginner Running Tips

During my trials of running towards a 5k I have received a lot of great advice from avid runner's. I have also experienced a lot of mistakes and, Ah Ha! moments during this journey. So for all you beginning runners or those who want to start running I gave you my master list.

*Run early in the morning or later in evening to avoid afternoon heat.
*Mix up your training. Make sure your training plan is not too heavily focused on one thing. You should always include: endurance, cross training, speed, and, rest.
*Don't feel embarrassed if you need to walk. If you get tired slow down.
*Try shoes on in the afternoon when your feet are bigger.
*Buy yourself some running shoes. Most running stores will fit you for the right type of shoe for your feet.
*Soreness one to two days after a run is normal.
*If you go slow the first half of a race, you can finish stronger.
*Ice sore muscles immediately after a run. If you can stand a colder bath I recommend that.
*Cut your toenails so they don’t jam into your shoes.
*Invest in good running socks. Cotton socks will give you blisters.
*Wear spandex shorts under your running shorts so you don’t chafe.
*Purchase a good sports bra. You'll thank me later!
*Volunteer at a local race. This is where you can learn what goes on during a race as well as meet other runners for advice.
*Try running with out music so that you can listen to your feet to hear your pace and your gait.
*The less you weigh the easier running is!
*Use Vaseline or BodyGlide wherever things rub. This will help prevent blisters and chafing.

I hope this helps you out with your running as it did me!!

*Please note I myself am in the beginning stages of running again after taking a 10 yr hiatus!

Monday, June 7, 2010

"It takes 21 days to form a habit."

According to Pete Cohen it takes 21 days to form a habit. Pete Cohen "The Weightloss Guru" is one of the worlds leading life coaches.
I had the chance to try Pete Cohen's weightloss program out recently. I am only on day 4 and, am loving it already! It's helping me get to the dirty of why I choose some of my bad habits and, it helps me choose what tools to use to fight it.

As of right now I am in the process of using the following tools;
*Eating slowly: This is a huge one for me. I am always the first one done their meal.
*Getting at least 30 min of fitness a day
*Eating only when I'm hungry: Again this is another one for me that was a big gaining weight factor. I will constantly graze on food if I am at a party or, out to a bar with friends even when I'm not hungry. Another time I eat is when I am bored. I am turning that bored eating into running!
*Drinking Water: I quit drinking Diet Coke and guess what....I don't miss it at all anymore!! It was a struggle but, now I don't miss it at all. I drink only water and, have an occasional drink of crystal light.
*Listen to Pete's Relaxation MP3 daily: This MP3 is awesome so relaxing!!

Pete's program consist of 4 steps and 9 tools all in 21 days. To top that off he also provides meal plans, recipes, and a place for you to journal your thoughts and goals with the option to post them online to get live feedback!

To anyone who needs that extra push to kick some bad eating and, fitness habits I strongly recommend Pete Cohen's weightloss program. I will be back at the end of my 21 days to let you know if it's true that it infact takes 21 days to form a habit!!

Here's a look into what Pete does overseas in Great Britain!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Motivation Monday

This past week I felt great with what I accomplished. I joined the Choose You Healthy Challenge and, made sure to get in at least 30 min daily. It was alot of fun I took the boys running a couple of days, did a shred video and, of course did some of my favorite Kettle bell workouts!

The thing I am most proud of was I sat down on Thursday and, planned ahead my menu for the weekend and following week. What usually happens for me at meal times is, I am wondering around the kitchen trying to decide what to make. I usually can't decide and, just make something fast and unhealthy. The menu I had planned and, the fun shopping trip I took on Friday morning to the local Farmer's market has made eating clean super easy. If you don't buy the bad food then they aren't around for you to eat!

Before the start of Mamavation I had my eating fruit down to a T but, struggled on getting in my veggies. I recently found a great blog Green Lite Bites that has helped out tremendously. I just love the videos she post of her and her son cooking. It reminds me so much of the fun I have when I allow Big C to cook with me. So Friday night Big C and I whipped out the laptop and, her 15 minute Red Beans and Rice video and had a blast cooking. The best thing about it was he ate so many good foods he never would of eaten before.

I also got the chance to participate in Pete Cohen's weight loss program. I have finished day 3 of 21. I am going to do an update on his program tomorrow so look forward to that.

Overall I'd say it was a great week last week for staying active and, eating healthy. I think this week though I want to also throw in some more concentration on what brought me to blogging. Training to run a 5k again. So I look forward to running alot more than what I ran this week. (Which by the way was still great!!)Look for my #momsrunning on Twitter. I also, want to track my running a little better than I have been doing previously. Maybe breakout the Nike + again and, show a little more accountability.

To all my Sista's at Mamavation hang in there and, push yourself to get at least 30 min in daily and drink that water!!!

Congrats go to Morgan on being Sista of the Week! She definitely inspires me with all the running she puts in!! I hope to see my face on the Sista of the week wall one day soon ;)

More exciting news that's going on around Mamavation is EA Sports Active is sponsoring this week’s Mamavation blogging carnival and giving away a copy of "More Workouts"! You can enter here! I really want to win this because I have heard such GREAT things about it. I have the Wii fit and love that but, have heard this one is so much more fun and, such a great workout. I'd love to try out the 6 week challenge it has. So wish me luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A Run a day will keep the Doctor away!

When you go to the doctor for stresses in your life they should totally prescribe running or walking!!

There have been some things that have been stressing me out lately. I get stressed pretty easy and, in the past have used food to calm me down. This week however I've been putting in a couple miles every other day and, it's been melting the stress right off me. (Hopefully pounds too!) I feel so great when I'm running almost like nothing can stop me. After my run I feel like I have accomplished so much and, am so proud of myself.

I signed myself up for a local 5k for August. This will be my first 5k I've ran since the last time sometime in 99' . I am currently following a cross between Hal Higdon's 5k plan and, Jeff Galloway's. I highly recommend both. I'm running every other day with cross training in between with my Saturday's as a rest day. I'm already planning on signing up for at least one more 5k before bravely signing up for a 10k!

If any of my readers have any tips for me on running a 5k and, or 10k please leave me a comment. I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday/ Happy Birthday Daddy!

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