Monday, March 19, 2012

Lin Performance Socks Review

I am normally not a running socks type of gal, I usually run in whatever socks I can purchase at my local Target. Recently, during one of my long training run's I received a horrible blister on my heel. After running with the blister for about 5 miles, I knew these cotton socks were not making the cut for any more of my long training runs.

While on my search for new socks I ran into a post on Facebook from one of my friends. She had won a giveaway of some fun running products, one of which were a pair of Lin Performance Socks. I asked her to let me know how they work out for her as I was on the hunt for some new socks. She assured me they were pretty legit and, that I needed to try them out for myself.

I purchased two pairs and was super excited to give them a try. They had tons of awesome designs and, even some plain ones that still looked nice. I decided to try a pair of their Tech Socks and, a pair of their cushioned bottom socks. (I opted for the 13.1 design to help me stay motivated for my half marathon in May!!)

I received my socks in the time frame they told me. (About 5 days) I put them on as soon as I received them and took them out on a run. I ended up wearing both pairs for all my training runs and, races for 3 weeks.

What I really liked about both pairs were the fit. They were snug right where I needed them but, didn't feel tight at all. The tech socks had ankle and, arch supports. They were higher in the back of the heel which I loved because that was where I had some rubbing from my shoes. It made it so it didn't rub anymore. I also really loved the color I selected, they were very spring like. After my runs, my socks were less sweaty too. I believe the ventilation in the socks helped with that, as well as the smell. Overall, these socks were wonderful. The price seems just right, the colors and designs are great and, the fit was spot on for me. I even went and ordered more!!!

A little back story on Lin Performance Socks off their website: "This company was started by Ken Wong and Hillary Lin who met at Utah State University. They married right after they graduated and started this company shortly thereafter in 1991. They are truly entrepreneurs. Ken sold sock knitting equipment at first while Hillary ran the business in Logan, Utah. With their business expertise, they have subsequently expanded their operations with factories throughout Asia. The company has produced socks that are literally sold around the world both directly and through partnerships with large sock distributors. The company is now one of the largest hosiery manufacturers in the world."

While ordering my socks there was a promotion going on where I received a free pair of socks! So, who better to try out a pair than my lovely blog readers!! The pair I picked was a pair of their cushioned bottom socks. I chose the 5k design on them because, I wanted to make sure all running types were included. Maybe these will be a pair you will wear at your 1st 5k or training for one. Maybe your a seasoned 5ker, or a marathon runner that still loves those shorter 5k's every now and again!! ****The Winner of this Giveaway receives the 5k Socks pictured below in a Women's Size Small (Sz. 5-8). You must also be a US resident. Giveaway is open until April 9, 2012. Please make sure you leave an email address. Winner will be chosen by****

For a chance to win a pair of these socks please do the following:

1. Mandatory: Leave a comment answering the following question(s):What is your favorite brand of running socks? Do you usually wear plain white or colors/designs?

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* All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this review. All products for the review and Giveaway were paid for with my own money. *

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Am I a runner?!?

The question "Am I a runner?" has popped up in my head a lot in the past year. I have questioned myself quiet a bit about if I have what it takes to be a real runner.

(Not the best picture but, I'm in purple.)

Last week I ran a local 5k an honor of domestic abuse. I ran with a pretty big group of women, whom I love and adore. They are some of the most inspirational women I've ever met. A friend from the group signed up to run this race as her first. She asked me to run along side her, and for me to help her through it. Who'd have thought I'd be helping someone with running. Just last year I was the one asking for help. Not only did I help her along, I ended up pushing myself further and faster than I ever had during a 5k. I was beyond ecstatic.

(Wearing my St. Patrick's Day lucky shirt! I think it paid off. )

This weekend, I signed up for another 5k race. This time I was running it solo. I thought for sure I'd never beat that last time but, I was going to try my hardest. That I did. This course was so much more hillier than any I've done in the past. It was one of my most mental races to date. I wanted to give up numerous times. Somehow, I kept pushing on. At the end I saw the clock. It was a minute faster than my 5k time just this past week. I dug deep and finished strong. Giving myself a new PR once again!!!!

Who is this girl? I didn't think I had it in me. All this training has paid of big time.

Today was the icing on the cake for me. I had an 8 mile run on my schedule that deep down I was dreading. I had just tried to run it the weekend before but failed due to getting lost on the course. The ladies I run with on my long Sunday run's are much faster than I and, I usually fall behind by a mile. Last week I kind of gave up on myself once I got lost and went home after only 4 miles. I was afraid this was going to happen again. I prepped myself for failure. I set out with the ladies this morning, and they set off faster than I did like usual. Once they were out of sight I started attacking myself. Getting frustrated that I couldn't keep up. I ended up getting lost again a couple places. I followed my directions and got back on course. I wanted to give up so many times. I wanted to take the short cuts. Guess what? I didn't. I finished my 8 mile run!!! What makes it so much better is the fact the two ladies said to me..." I admire your heart and determination to keep going". They both said that if they knew they were getting up in the morning to run alone they wouldn't get up and go.

I am a RUNNER!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On track?!?

This past Sunday was my scheduled 8 mile long run. I ran 8 the Sunday before so, I knew I could do it. It didn't turn out as I had planned. I ended up only running 6.5 miles. See, this past Sunday I was running with a group and well..I'm not really a fast runner. I ended up falling behind. I didn't want to get lost so I had to run with the last pacer. He only ended up running the 6.5 so he wouldn't be too far behind everyone coming in.

I have been really down on myself since then. I have been running now for quiet some time. I don't get why my feet don't want to go faster. I try and try to push myself but, I just can't get faster. I seem to be stuck at a 13-14min mile pace. Also, the 1st 3 miles are the worst. Once I get over the 3 mile hump I feel like I do get faster but, never over that 13 min. hump. Boo.

This weekend I will have to run my long run on my own. Let's hope I can get it done. I need to be on the right track to my half marathon goal.

I signed up for a local 10 miler taking place in 2 weeks. I am super nervous about that one but, know I HAVE to tackle it. Luckily, I am participating with a bunch of my running friends. They always seem to know how to push me just enough to get me to my goal!

On a side note: I purchased some new running socks to try out. My old ones have now started to give me blisters on my longer runs. I am really looking forward to trying these new ones out as, I have heard great things about them. Look forward to a review of them coming soon!

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