Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have you run from Zombies?

Image provided from Mud Dog Facebook
I have this picture in my mind of how I would be during a Zombie apocalypse. I'm bad ass and, tough like in the movies. However, to be honest with my readers I know I'd be running away like a complete wuss. For those who don't know me very well, you should know I hate scary movies and, being in scary situations. Haunted houses are not on my to do list during Halloween.

For some reason the human population is completely infatuated with all things Zombie right now. In the running community, Zombie runs are all the rage. During these runs people are dressed as Zombies and try and capture your flags as you run. People who have made it to the finish with their flags still intact have survived. The ones who haven't...well, they're now Zombies.

Another popular run right now is a mud run. These events consist of running along an obstacle course with mud. You have tons of different obstacles to overcome. Climbing, crawling, sliding, and jumping around the course. They all usually end with some kind of "party" where the runners and spectators come together and drink fantastic beer, listen to music and veg out on turkey legs! 

Image property of Mud Dog Run

I have been really wanting to partake in one of the mud runs. My hometown has been hosting them for a couple times now and, it really looks fun! I finally decided I'd run the next one!!

But, wait!!! The next one I saw in my hometown was a race that combined these two!!! A ZOMBIE MUD RUN!!! Are you serious? Part of me was super stoked, the other...super scared!
I'm going to do it!!! I know I will scream like a little girl and maybe even cry out of fear but, what the hell!

Who's with me???

Check out below!! Also, come back tomorrow and see me for a special coupon code to participate as a runner or zombie!!

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