Monday, September 10, 2012

One for the books!

What an AMAZING weekend full of running and, family fun!!

I did it!!! I finished my 2nd half marathon. (The Run 4 Shelter in Kent Islands) The course was beautiful but very challenging. I enjoyed celebrating my friends goal being met as she got her 1st medal!! Look for a recap of my run coming up!

After my half, I came home to attend Big C's very first baseball game. He is playing on a kid pitch team. He did awesome for his 1st time. He managed to hit a few balls, run/steal a few bases and even managed to get some runs! I was truly excited for him.

On Sunday, I participated in my 1st Color Run!! WOW! What a fun event. I think this run had to be my favorite of all run's. I attended with some wonderful friends and RMR ladies. We had such a great time. I was very sore from my half but it definitely did not hinder my ability to finish the run and have a great time. I will also be posting a recap of that event!

My foot was in a lot of pain after all the events this past weekend but, I iced it, took some Advil and, elevated it. It feels a lot better today. I really think it helped that I didn't plop down on the sofa all weekend and get my body all stiff. I even managed to get to the gym this morning and lift some light weights and a short elliptical walk. My muscles feel so much better after that work out!

Now, I am looking for another half to run. As well as, am looking for some more FUN RUNS!!  I am signed up for the 10k at the Marine Corps Marathon in October but, would like to add more to the list.

There are a couple 5ks I am looking into running. I just need to decide on which one!!

Any suggestions? Right now the list of interested events consists of :
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