Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Running Favorites

My very favorite time to run, is in the fall. I love the crisp cool air, the color's of the trees, and that there are a ton of race events planned.

The transition from Summer, hot sweaty running to the fall is an easy one. If the temperature range is about 50 I usually opt for just a dri fit tee and capri's. 30-50 range I throw on a moisture wicking long sleeve shirt under my tee. I really like the ones with thumb holes in the sleeves. For some reason, I end up always picking those up. (Lululemon has a bunch of these types.) I like to layer so that if it does heat up a bit I can throw off a layer. Sometimes those chilly morning runs I need to start out with a pair of light running gloves. I seem to be the coldest in my hands but, they're also the first to warm up. For my feet in the fall I really like a wool running sock. It keeps the moisture away as well as keeps them toasty.

Of course we can't forget the Garmin. Mine is the 405. I love it and have had no problems with it since I received it a year ago. I wear it almost every time I run!

The picture on the left is from the Baltimore Zoo Zoom 5 miler last November. It was a pretty chilly morning so, instead of capri's I opted for long pants. The best advice is to always go one layer less than what your are comfortable with when you 1st step outside. If you feel warm and toasty you will probably be too hot once you start running and sweating.

My favorite products included in this picture: Moisture wicking long sleeve tee from Target, knee length capri's from Target,  Dri-fit tee from Nike,  Light weight Running Gloves from Under Armour,  Wool Socks from Thorlo, Garmin 405. Of course all of these can be found in different styles and brands. These are just a few that I currently use and love!

Check out my Fall running tips!
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