Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Park Questing

We are participating in Park Quest again this year. It is such a wonderful program that the Maryland Department of Natural Resources put together. Every year around May they open up registration and allow 1,000 families to participate. This year it filled to capacity in 2 hours!! Amazing! I of course was waiting on-line for opening to happen as I did not want to lose out on another chance to do this. We ended up being the 11th team entered!! Wahoo! Our team this year is The Hawks..not entirely original as that was my Highschool's mascot. Lol. We are still working on getting a team shirt to wear to the final party!

We love having the opportunity to visit State Parks in Maryland and enjoying what they have to offer. Let me tell you it's a lot. They have everything from Canoeing, hiking, letterboxing, to tree identifying, Frisbee golf and, even horseback riding! The program is free to families who make it in to the 1,000 participants and, get free admission into the park. The only thing you must pay for is any camping, lodging, meals and gas. What a great way to help out the State Parks and, Maryland economies.

Most of all though, this is a wonderful way to get my boys out in the nature as a family. We have had to work together to accomplish quests. This has made our family a lot better at working together and listening to one another. The boys have also learned so much about Nature. My children can identify and name, trees, flowers, and poisonous snakes. They have learned about ticks and their harm to humans. They have also learned how to pitch a tent, use a paddle in a canoe, use a compass, and read a map. All while enjoying themselves! My oldest is even now interested in becoming a junior ranger! How cool is that?

Look for my updates on all of the quest we have and, are participating in coming soon. We have had a blast and hope to continue having so much fun!
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