Friday, June 18, 2010

What, you didn't know THAT?

I thought I'd take a little break from all the fitness & health post and bring you a little something fun!! Here you have it...Ten things you didn't know about ME!!

1. I eat things in 3's and by colors like 3 red gummi bears.

2. I don't like coconut, raw carrots or, coleslaw.

3. I used to be a Kindergarten Readiness Teacher before deciding to stay home after my second child. It was a lot of fun but, also very stressful.

4. I have never really taken up a hobby. Unless you count eating gummi bears or reading trashy gossip mags as one.
However, I do feel as though running is becoming one.

5. I am not a morning person but, am a night owl. I will stay up till 2am but, hate waking up before 9. My youngest son however, wakes me up daily at 7.

6. If you want to bore me to death you should talk about basketball. I do love me some hockey though!! Go Caps!!

7. I'd love to take cooking classes one day. I'm constantly visiting food blogs.

8. I want to participate in at least 3 races by the end of the year. Then next year attempt to do a 10k, 1/2 marathon and a marathon!

9. I don't like to wear socks if I don't have to, or shoes for that matter!

10. This post took me all day to write because the oldest has been complaining of his chicken pox itching and, the youngest is in a cranky mood!

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