Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today I went to my NEW gym to get a fitness evaluation. I sat down with the trainer and, went over what my goals were and struggles. First of all I want everyone to know on the questioner there was a question that asked me how motivated on a scale of 1-10 I was. Thanks to all my new friends I’ve made through the Sistahood I am happy to say I wrote down a 10. Better yet, after the trainer read my answers he asked me why I was so motivated. I told him I joined an online support and motivation group where moms get together through social media and motivate and inspire each other. I was so happy and excited to tell him my secret. He said WOW! I wish all moms had that to fall on. I told him I too felt the same way. I wish that I had found Mamavation sooner.

So we finished up the evaluation with a little cardio work on the treadmill, some kettle bell, balance testing, squats, lunges, pushup test and a couple flexibility test. I am happy to announce I did pretty good. My balance and strength were all in the average level. Something he felt I would benefit working on was my core strength and, my flexibility. I assured him I have always been horrible with flexibility. I remember in elementary and middle school doing the toe touch test and doing poorly. Lol. He than assured me this would change and, I had to have faith. I was overall very happy with my performance. I thought I was going to be intimidated and shy but, I overcame that and kept reminding myself why I was doing this.

I got a lot of support while I was at the gym. People I didn’t know stopped me asked if I was joining the training program and spoke very highly of the work the trainers did there. It seemed very friendly and homey feeling. I loved it!!

And, can you believe I’m saying this…I can’t wait to go back!!

Some notes from the Fitness Evaluation

Need to work on core strengthening.

Need to spend more time stretching after workout especially hamstrings & calves.

1 min assessment push ups: 22

Plank assessment 30 secs

I highly recommend everyone to get one of these assessments done if you are able to. It definitely showed me what I need to work on. I showed me that the goals I set are very reachable and not set out of reach to where I will be disappointed. So here is to reaching my goal of 145lbs!!
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