Saturday, October 9, 2010

What does Commit to Fit mean to me?

As I mentioned I have joined in on Subway's wonderful Commit to Fit Campaign. I am excited to start this week. I need this challenge and accountability!

The Commit to Fit Campaign means I need to step up my game and commit to fitness. I need to set mini goals to keep myself motivated to reach my long time goal of being a fit, healthy person/mom. I have tried to lose weight and get healthy in the past by trying to do everything at one time. This has failed every time. For me, what has worked is the small term goals. Ex. quit drinking soda, drink more water, run a 5k, lose 10% of my weight etc.

I am going to do reach my long term goal this time by reaching every small goal set! For this campaign my big goal is going to be to run a half marathon. I will reach this by working my way up in small goals 5k, 10k then half. I am hoping to do this in 3-4 months! Of course like I mentioned above my ultimate goal is to be fit and, healthy!
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