Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Finished.... With Burning Feet!!

Saturday August 14, 2010 I ran my first 5k since taking a long break from running almost 10 yrs ago.
I decided to run a local 5k with only women participants as my first race. The race I choose was the Women's Distance Festival. The WDF celebrates "the history of women's rights to participate in running events at any distance and at any age." [RRCA]

All the proceeds of this race went to a local fund called The Women's Giving Circle.

 Their Website says, "The Circle’s purpose is to provide opportunities for donors to promote and support programs that enable and empower women in challenging situations to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those for whom they are responsible."
The early entry is $20 and, later in the week went to $25.  We received a cute black and pink technical tee! The course was a 2 loop scenic route and, walker friendly. I arrived early to pick up my race day packet and, bib. I'm not going to lie I was pretty nervous. The weather was nice out. I had thought it was going to rain but, it held out for us. The race was scheduled to start at 8am. We lined up around 7:50 and waited till a couple minutes past 8:00. I decided before the race started that I was going to go into this with no expectations except finishing. I headed near the back of the crowd. I wanted to start out slow and, not get trampled on. It was a great feeling seeing all ages and, sizes of women participating. I saw as young as 8 and, as old as a women in her late 60's. I was very glad I had chosen an all women's race for my first. Something about women coming together to better ourselves in health was an awesome feeling. 

The race started and, I started out pretty slow. I was relaxed the 1st mile through. I made a last minute decision when I left the house to skip my Ipod and, to bring my cell phone so I could keep track on my Run Keeper app. Sometime around my 1st mile I lost service and, my music stopped working. I didn't run much up to this point with out music. It was nice to others cheering everyone along. I had a chance to hear how my body was handling my run. Around the 2nd mile my feet were the only thing that was truly in pain. They were on fire.

The last mile did me in. I truly think it was more mental then my body giving up. I keep telling myself I couldn't do anymore my feet were hurting. I took the 2 hills in the course very slowly. I knew I could have taken them better. I wasn't proud of myself at that point. When I got to the last turn I ran fast to the finish. I heard someone shout out you can make it before 41 minutes!! I tried my hardest to get there before then but fell a bit short. I finished the race at 41:15. A 13 min mile. I'm not 100% ok with my race but, I'm by no means disappointed. I did what I had set to accomplish, I finished. This is just the beginning.

After the race we received lots of race goodies, water, bagels, bananas, and, watermelon. They had a raffle to win lots of cool prizes. The racing community there was so kind and, supportive.

Big C and, I after the race! Yes, I stole it of the photographer website ;)

Also, to those who were wondering about my feet being "on fire" I have come to find out my shoes are horrible for my feet and, for running at all really. I learned that I have what's called a Morton's toe. It's when your 2nd toe is longer than your big toe. Usually when running most of your weight goes on to your big toe. In my case since my 2nd toe is longer my weight is carried on my 2nd toe. This causes trouble for me when wearing a shoe that doesn't accommodate the longer 2nd toe resulting in nail pain. So, I will be making a visit to my local shoe specialty store to receive a video gait analysis ASAP!

I want to thank everyone who cheered for me online and off! The support has been awesome. I don't think I would have gone through this with each and everyone of you.

Here's to training for the next one!!

*Update: Wanted to answer another question I keep receiving. Was I sore afterwards? I'd say yes my body was tired and, my muscles were sore. I did ice afterwards and, took a nice warm shower this might have helped. Like I mentioned above the most pain I had was in my feet. Oh...and, the dreaded "chub rub" is what I call it. My legs did chafe a bit. I did not Body Glide them :( This reminds me to get some for my continued training. Maybe I'll hit them up for a giveaway!! Body Glide if your reading this, lol. Email me ;)


mommaof3ontherun said...

Great job! Now you can compete against yourself and beat yourself the next time! My first 5K was the same pace as yours. I shaved 5 minutes off of my 2nd.

I have the same toe thing as you. Being in good shoes is a must! And making sure you are in the correct size. I am in 1/2 to 1 size bigger in my running shoes than my every day shoes!

Momma On The Run said...

I hope I do shave off more time! I will be training alot harder this time around. My next 5k is only about a month away. I hope it's enough time.

Rachel said...

Way to go!! I am so proud of yoU!! :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

13 min/mile is awesome!!! You finished, you learned A LOT about yourself in the process. I think all of that is definitely something to be proud of!!

Yes, go get some different shoes. Only 10% of the population has the 2nd toe longer so most shoes aren't made for your feet.

Good luck training for your next race!

Momma On The Run said...

Only 10%?? See I knew I was special ;)

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