Sunday, August 29, 2010

Earth Footwear Review

I'm sure everyone has been hearing and, reading about the "toning" type shoes. Reebok, New Balance and Sketchers to name a few. They are pretty popular at the moment. They are designed to help develop muscle tone in your legs and backside area's.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a pair of Earth Footwear Exer-Walks. At first glance these shoes don't look like your normal "toning" shoe. They aren't big or bulky. They were cute, all leather and, pink!! (one of my fave colors) When I picked them up to try on I felt they were noticeably heavier than my normal everyday sneakers. I'm sure this has to do with the fact they are leather with a little bit of mesh for some air. My normal sneakers are mostly made of mesh.

I put them on and, noticed the incline (3.7) immediately on my heel. I thought they felt very comfy on. The BioFoam™ Cushioning was very soft on my feet and, gave a lot of support to my arch. I normally wear a 7 and, got a 7.5 because I had read other buyers say they are a little snug. The 7.5 felt great it wasn't to big on the heel yet left room for my toes to move around. I think these would be great for a person with a wide foot.

I wore mine faithfully all week to see how they held up and, to see if I noticed the "toning" part of the shoe. After the week long trial period. I did feel tightness in my calves a lot more. Not so much in my upper legs and back side. My over all likeness of this shoe though wasn't in fact that they were helping me with "toning" it was actually the comfort of the shoe. Over the week I wore them I loved wearing them. They are one of the most comfortable shoes Ive worn.

Earth Footwear shoes come in a variety of other styles and prices. The pair I tried come in a couple other colors as well. I'm loving at the moment their hot momma Swank boots! I even heard they're coming out with some "healthy heels" Overall they are very nice walking shoes!

*Please note these shoes were given to me by Earth Footwear as a winning prize for entering in The Mamavation Mom Twitter Party. They did not ask me to make this review as part of the contest prize. These thoughts and opinions are my own and, only mine. *
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