Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's so special about that date??

Bookieboo and Mizfit have decided to team up to run  The Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in Vegas on December 5th. Not only is this a big goal for them, they have welcomed their communities to join in with them. As much I would LOVE to join them in running the half I just don't see this happening for me at this time. They have extended the challenge to everyone in their community who can't attend to set December 5th as a special goal for yourself as well.

What will be my goal for December 5th? I have set so many goals for myself lately it was hard to choose one that would be as awesome as participating in the half. My goal is to participate in at least three 5k races by Dec. 5th. However, I am secretly hoping I will crush that goal much earlier and re-set my Dec. 5th goal to run a 10k!! How awesome would that be!

I encourage all my readers to set a goal for themselves! What will your goal for December 5th be?
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