Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Semi Wordless Wednesday...My Refrigerator

Top shelf: Milk, Juice, Corn, my leftover from dinner (fish and, veggies) and, one of the worst drinks in the world...Pepsi (Don't worry Mamavation ladies I def don't drink it)

Middle shelf: Eggs, blueberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, apples, a single lonely plum
Bottom shelf: Greek yogurt, clementines, green grapes, ground turkey

The left crisper: organic yogurt, carrots
The right crisper: Spinach, green peppers, broccoli


Lisa Johnston said...

Oh rock on! :) I posted a fridge pic a while back, and it didn't look NEARLY as neat as yours! :)

I want the honeydew and blueberries delivered to my doorstep :)

Love it! :)

lovelyritaann said...

Will you come to my house, clean out my fridge, go to the store and then organize mine pretty like yours?

greenidmama said...

looks good mama!

carla said...


so flipping neat.

**runs to check out the state of her shelves**


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