Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Summer Bucket List 2012

Last year I really enjoyed making a Summer bucket list with the kids. We put activities they wanted to do along with activities I wanted to do too. We crossed almost all of them off  by the time school started up in the fall.

Now, that my youngest is a whole year older he is understanding more and more about the lessons being learned in each activity. I decided it was a great idea to do it again this year.

I was recently browsing around another favorite blog of mine, Delia Creates she makes some pretty awesome crafts. She posted a pretty cool Bingo Sheet she uses for Summer activities and chores! I decided to use it as our new Bucket List. My oldest loves playing Bingo. He will see this as a challenge and I can added a couple things he may not be so excited to do, but we need to do so he can get 6 in a row. It's just like the real Bingo game. You get a card with the activities on it. As we do each activity we cross it off the card. If they get 6 in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally they get a special prize. An ice cream treat or, special video game session! (This come very sparse in the Summer)

My kids are still learning to appreciate outside time with family. They seem to think its a punishment to go on walks and, hikes. They would rather play inside, watch tv and, play video games. I was not raised that way and, enjoyed my childhood summers very much. I would like to teach that to my children.

So onto the list!!

I hope to cross off all of these and possibly even start a new one if time allows it!

We have already started our Park Quest for this year, along with taking our big cabin trip for the Summer. I will make sure to post about those very soon!
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