Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On track?!?

This past Sunday was my scheduled 8 mile long run. I ran 8 the Sunday before so, I knew I could do it. It didn't turn out as I had planned. I ended up only running 6.5 miles. See, this past Sunday I was running with a group and well..I'm not really a fast runner. I ended up falling behind. I didn't want to get lost so I had to run with the last pacer. He only ended up running the 6.5 so he wouldn't be too far behind everyone coming in.

I have been really down on myself since then. I have been running now for quiet some time. I don't get why my feet don't want to go faster. I try and try to push myself but, I just can't get faster. I seem to be stuck at a 13-14min mile pace. Also, the 1st 3 miles are the worst. Once I get over the 3 mile hump I feel like I do get faster but, never over that 13 min. hump. Boo.

This weekend I will have to run my long run on my own. Let's hope I can get it done. I need to be on the right track to my half marathon goal.

I signed up for a local 10 miler taking place in 2 weeks. I am super nervous about that one but, know I HAVE to tackle it. Luckily, I am participating with a bunch of my running friends. They always seem to know how to push me just enough to get me to my goal!

On a side note: I purchased some new running socks to try out. My old ones have now started to give me blisters on my longer runs. I am really looking forward to trying these new ones out as, I have heard great things about them. Look forward to a review of them coming soon!

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