Sunday, May 30, 2010

....Introducing Momma on the Run

What is Momma on the Run about? After spending sleepless nights reading all the mommy, fitness, weight loss and, eating blogs out there (I know I really am lame huh?) I decided to become one of the cool people and, start one of my own. This is basically my way of holding myself accountable for my fitness endeavors. What are these endeavors you ask?? You will just have to sit back and, follow me along to find out.

What is Momma on the Run not about? You won’t find me posting recipes or about my tips on how to make the best low fat version of lasagna because, basically I’m a chicken and veggies kind of girl and, that’s not very interesting. Not to mention I like to get my meals cooked and ready in less than 20 min.

Who are the stars of Momma on the Run? ME ME ME and did I mention Me! (Very self absorbed I know)

Occasionally you will also read about;

My son Big C: a 5 yr old blonde haired, blue eyed, too intelligent for his own good, ball of energy.

My son Little C: a 1 yr old blonde haired, blue eyed ,(how did I get such beautiful babies) funny, little adventurer.

My husband T : a hard working, kind hearted, best friend of 7 years.

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